Manual Espresso Machines

For the classic coffee aficionados, there’s nothing more fulfilling than having to press each cup with all their might and style. The reason many people are still using manual espresso machines is the fact that it has a lot of variables that can be worked into giving them a lot of space to work their style and tastes into each cup. For these people’s benefit, here some wonderful machines that can help achieve that perfect cup of espresso bliss every time.

UniTerra Nomad Espresso Machine

This modern looking machine packs lot of classic designs on the inside. The mechanism was inspired by the classic hand operated lever machines. The Nomad’s Micro-Lever architecture does not require any electricity or batteries, or even gas propellants. The pressing process simply brings the enjoyment. It operates with simplest mechanical system known to the espresso world. It starts with is its seesaw motion, small lever that operates two tiny piston water pumps which can build pressure after over a few strokes to the ideal 8 to 10 bars. It is small and its weight gives you enough opportunity to bring your coffee habit virtually anywhere you’d wish. It has a proprietary True Crema Valve that compensates for coffee grounds and tamping variations so anyone can make great espresso with great confidence.

La Pavoni EPBB-8 Europiccola

Although simple in construction, this machine looks very elegant and proud. Of course, it delivers espresso, cappuccino, caffe latte, and other coffee drinks in a classic pressing style, through a lever. As it operates manually, you can adjust the resulting espresso according to your personal preference. It comes with 20 oz. boiler capacity that could make 8 cups continuously without needing to heat more water while you’re at it. This machine comes with an automatic milk foamer for that perfect delight each morning.

ROK Presso Manual Espresso Maker

This is the simplest machine on the list. The design looks very classy that can make your feel the olden days, back when electricity was not a necessity. This Presso ROK is an environment-friendly manual espresso maker designed with one thing in mind: durability. It comes with an engine-grade metal that is guaranteed to last at least 10 years before it needs some serious repairs. Thinking about making some lattes or cappuccino? You’ll be glad as this machine has stainless steel frothier to create that rich milk froth. The traditional design lets the user have complete control over brewing pressure through its two levers located on the side. Although the looks has classic image, this machine has a touch of modern day amenities like reusable storage tin with tamper/measuring spoon and detachable double-shot spout. And to keep all your worries away, if any of the metal parts fail within a decade of your original purchase, Presso will replace the components for free. All you have to think really is how to create that perfect cup from your grounds.

La Pavoni EPC-8

This stylish machine was designed to last and to give you a constant, perfect espresso each morning. It operates through steam pressure and piston. To achieve perfect water temperature, it has internal thermostats that continuously monitors pressure with re-set fuses. It can easily prepare one or two cups of espresso at a time and it comes with an automatic milk foamer. The design alone is a great thing to have as it can be a good way to accessorize your kitchen. It can prepare up to 8 cups of espresso, each with 2-ounce in it, before requiring a refill. Exterior built comes in durable triple-plated chrome design with chrome base and solid brass boilers with water-level gauge and safety valve. Overall, this machine is a good way to discover and learn more about making the best espresso for your liking.

Strong Classic Lever 1 Group Espresso Machine

With its handmade solid Italian walnut steam and coffee group handles, you can exactly say that this machine means business.  Its 6-liter boiler and body panels come in solid stainless steel with 100% high polished chromed heads and valves to boot. Although this lever-operated machine has some very intricate classic image all over it, it has a red LED light cup illumination for some modern touch. To continue with the classic theme, it has hand stitched Italian leather wrapping its lever pull handles. It comes with milk frother for your lattes as well. Manual machines often last longer than modern automatic system and this machine was designed for high-volume usage, you can expect it withstand years of serious use.

Gaggia 77001

The beauty of this gaggia espresso machine starts with its 20-ounce brass boiler that gives you a no wait time between brewing and steaming. It has that elegant antique look that makes it more of décor than a kitchen appliance. It has a stainless steel heating element to ensure longer service life. And beautiful exterior won’t work if it does not offer durability. Fortunately, this Gaggia comes with triple chrome-plated stainless steel housing for peace of mind. It also comes with a frothing wand featuring 3 holes with a commercial style to boot.

Romantica Professional Espresso Maker

This machine has chrome finish all over it. It has a 38oz., solid chrome, boiler which can make 16, 2oz.cups of espresso in one filling.  To take the classy image further, it has wood accent handles and steam wand. It comes with a dual frothing system for your cappuccinos and lattes. It also comes with an internal thermostat to control the needed pressure. This machine can prepare either one or two cups at a time. It features mounted pressure gauge so you can vary your needs. It’s a perfect machine for your coffee needs.

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