De’Longhi EC155 Espresso And Cappuccino Maker Review

Delonghi is a known brand for making durable and high-quality espresso machines. Machines from this company keep their tradition of espresso making at a near-perfect level thus earning them a nice place with the customers. And this EC155 comes with a powerful pump and high-quality parts that can create wonderful espressos again and again.

With pump-driven, 15 bar pressure, you can say this machine is really up to the task. It has a plastic exterior which looks OK but can be a turn-off for some aficionados. It has a stainless steel boiler designed with durability in mind and also makes up for easier maintenance. A thing to note, this machine actually has a cup heating plate, although in a passive guise. It means it can heat cups but only when it starts to heat the water. The excess heat is passed through the plate. It has dual thermostats that separately control the water and steam temperatures. It has a self-priming feature, an adjustable frother, removable water tank. Also, it’s light making it quite portable.


The primary thing that people check when looking for a semi-automatic machine is its pump pressure. Fortunately, this machine pumps a respectable 15 bar pressure so you can have it all: aroma, flavor, and beautiful crema every time. It has a stainless steel boiler which shows its durability and easy to maintain status. It comes with dual thermostats which help in monitoring and controlling water and steam temperatures separately.

This makes it a perfect fit as you can froth the milk and extract the espresso simultaneously. Tested it a few times and it really makes a difference when you’re in a hurry. It’s really amazing that despite the price, this machine has a self-priming mechanism. You’ll be glad as this feature really cuts down the frustration, especially in the morning: it prepares itself without bothering you. Also good to note is its adjustable frother. It swivels which is a good thing as you can achieve the ideal position for your mug fairly easily. Although, you may find the milk having a watery consistency than average, it is still good enough for a cappuccino.

You’ll love the removable water tank. Why? First off, it can be filled for up to 35 ounces which is enough for dozen of shots and the level can be viewed without opening the cover. Then you can easily clean it. Remember that scale will surely form after some time of continued use, a non-removable water tank will be cumbersome to deal with during this time. And it’s quite easy to remove, it’s quite ergonomic. It comes with a removable drip tray which should help achieve a lesser clean-up. But then, drips can still be a common thing really. The light Indicators which let you know the brewing status is a neat treat as well.


Now, this is where the EC155 shines more. It packs a lot of features, it performs good, it comes with durable construction but has a very affordable pricing of less than a hundred. Yes, this is an entry-level machine meaning it should be priced accordingly. But the thing is, there numerous other machines with the same pricing but can barely perform at the same level as EC155 does.


As mentioned above, this is a pump driven espresso machine with perfect pressure of 15 bars to boot. It can extract that aroma, crema, and flavor. It has dual boilers that stand out in terms of productivity. It has stainless steel boiler that should withstand years of use on its own. It comes with a self-priming feature that helps in dealing with your time constraints in the morning. The built-in tamper is a very handy tool as well. Then there’s its milk frother, which is adjustable, which helps out for an easier way to froth your milk.


The milk frother is powerful but the resulting milk can be quite watery at times. This affects the flavor and consistency in general. Also, it has some plastic bits on its exterior which some consumers may find unattractive. But think about it, this is an entry-level machine and surely some corners need to be cut to achieve favorable pricing. The drip tray is there for the drips. But after you’re done with the extraction, the cleaning up can become messy as the drip tray is on the smaller side. So, is this machine a good investment? Yes, it is. It can come up with nice espresso and it has very attractive pricing as its ace.

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